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Exterior Finishes for Your Home

Stucco is one of the oldest types of exterior finishes for a home. For centuries this process has been a popular choice for exterior siding. In fact, 25 percent of homes today utilize this siding according to the Stucco Manufacturers Association. Now, stucco is considered an EIFS (exterior insulation facade system), which is used for residential and commercial properties.

For this exterior siding, a cement-like product is applied to the outside of the home in multiple layers. There are also newer systems including acrylic, insulated, and crack suppression that helps prevent issues with cracking.

Benefits of Stucco

Durability is a key benefit. When installed properly, it will last for decades with little to no maintenance required and is fire resistant. It can be customized with color and finish, making it a great aesthetic choice for a homeowner, developer, or commercial property manager.

EIFS Brands

Exterior insulated facade systems are incredibly popular because they are easy to install, offer a wide selection of aesthetics including brick, stone, and stucco, and are durable.

You can find EIFS on most commercial properties in our area. EIFS can be installed on new builds, or retrofitted for existing properties. Brands we trust for EIFS in the Wichita metro area include TEIFS, Sto. Corp., and Dryvit.

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